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Do you ever think about what it might be like to add volume to key areas of the face? Or wish you could contour or reshape your cheeks or jawline to create a more striking profile? Dermal fillers are the answer, enabling you to enhance your features and achieve your aesthetic goals. At KA Aesthetics in Croydon, our aestheticians specialise in applying dermal fillers to boost confidence and help clients feel at their most beautiful.

Kerryanne and her team offer help and advice on treatments to clients in all surrounding local areas including West Wickham.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable gels made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body which provides our skin with elasticity, and a plumpness that gives us a more youthful look.

The brands used at KA Aesthetics are Juvederm, Teosyal and Revolax. These brands are manufactured as a gel and do not involve animal or human DNA, making them some of the safest fillers on the market today.

Dermal fillers are used in the face to restore or add volume. Fillers vary in density (thickness). They can also be used to fill in lines and deep folds or enhance lip volume and definition.


Initially we apply an anaesthetic which is a strong numbing cream. The lip area is very sensitive therefore it is important that we ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. To achieve a natural look, we inject the fillers into pre-agreed areas that are appropriate to achieve the look you desire. A cannula or needle may be used and numbing cream (anaesthetic) is offered before most treatments.

Dermal fillers will normally last between 6-24 months. This can vary depending on the area treated. This can also vary dependant on each person treated. You may find it doesn’t last the full 6 months. There are a number of factors that can have an effect on the longevity of dermal fillers such as smoking, metabolism variations, diet and lifestyle.

You may find that immediately after the treatment there is some swelling. This can last from a couple of days up to two weeks. It is also common to get slight bruising where the injection was given, which can be slightly painful or itchy. However, the discomfort should only last a few days. Aftercare and side effects will be discussed at your appointment prior to the treatment.

Clients in Croydon, West Wickham and the surrounding areas will also be given written aftercare advice before leaving.