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Botox and Lip Fillers in West Wickham | A Trusted Aesthetics Clinic Located in Croydon

Located in Croydon and run by medical aestheticians, KA Aesthetics is now reaching out to clients in the nearby West Wickham area. Our aesthetics clinic continues to nurture confidence and wellbeing by bringing the latest treatments to our welcoming premises on Oak Avenue. Kerryanne and her team commit to your appearance and wellbeing by continually adding to their skillsets so that the treatments you need are always readily available.

On this page, we talk about the differences between Botox and lip fillers, how Profhilo treatments can remodel the face, neck and hands.

Botox and Lip Fillers

Some of our clients have become familiar with using Botox and lip fillers as interchangeable terms, it is vital to point out that these are not the same product. Botox is an injectable medical treatment that relaxes the lips by restricting nerve signals and muscle contractions. It gives the lips a fuller appearance by flipping them outward. The important thing to remember with Botox is that it only appears to make the lips look fuller than they are.

A lip filler is an injectable gel that has natural compounds. It plumps and adds volume to the lips to make them physically fuller. Clients from West Wickham choose lip fillers because the procedure is short, and the results are lasting.


Our aesthetics clinic uses Profhilo as a bio-remodelling treatment that loosens the elasticity of the skin around the face, the neck and the hands. Medical aestheticians use Profhilo to combat dry, wrinkled and sagging skin, and to reduce the signs of ageing. This injectable treatment can also improve the appearance of scars. Because it has a higher hyaluronic acid (HA) content, Profhilo is painless, causes no damage to the skin and absorbs easily.

Profhilo is perfect for hydrating and moisturising the skin and because it has such a high HA concentration, it also restores and improves firmness.